Adding MCU variants (CH32V203 G6U6)

Hi, I’m playing with embeetle to program CH32V MCU’s. The reason is that I’m looking for an alternative to the Mounriver IDE as the board we’re developing will be used by kids and Embeetle looks mucht simpler to use.

But not all MCU’s I have are supported.
For example the IDE supports CH32V203 C8T6 but for my project I use the G6U6. Main differences are the number of pins and available flash size.

Can I add a MCU profile myself? How would I do this?



Hi Hans,

Thank you for trying Embeetle. We are very interested in your experiences.

It is currently not possible to add MCU profiles yourself. This is related to our business model: we charge MCU vendors to support their MCU’s, so that we can keep it free for users.

Can you tell us more about your project?

Are there any other variants except for the G6U6 that you would like to use now?


Hi Hans,
I’m Kristof Mulier, Co-founder of Embeetle IDE and responsible for board integrations into Embeetle IDE.
Would you mind sending me an e-mail? Maybe we can setup a meeting and see how to go forward from here.

Kind regards,
Kristof Mulier

Hi Hans,
Thanks for your mail. We are very interested in your hackerspace project ( and the summer camp for young people you organize ( The board you created for this initiative (LANA TNY | also sparks our curiosity.

We’ll stay in touch.