[Board and µC support request] Arduino Zero (Atmel SAMD21)

Hi all,

[sidenote] I’m well aware that you currently have a lot of work on your hands with PlatformIO and I realize that my request will probably end quite low on your todo list. Nevertheless:

I’m currently using the Arduino Uno. Very nice piece of kit, yet I’m running against both its Flash and SRAM limits. Therefore I’m looking at upgrading to a more powerful board and the Arduino Zero appears like a logical next step: same, easy-to-use form factor yet with a far more powerful microcontroller (Atmel SAMD21, Cortex-M0+). I’ve got the impression that the current Arduino board portfolio is built around the SAMD21 so I guess others would also want to use this µC with Embeetle. However, Embeetle doesn’t appear to support it yet.

In short, I would like to use the Arduino Zero with Embeetle. Is there anything I can do myself to help you with this?


Hi @ramses ,
Can you confirm it’s this one?

Hi @kristof, that’s the one I was thinking of indeed!

(sidenote: As far as I can see, it is similar to the Arduino MKR Zero except for the form factor)

Any suggestions for another board are welcome of course :).

Hi @ramses ,

I can’t make any promises now about when this board can be added to Embeetle. As you know, we’re super busy with the PlatformIO integration (even with the preparatory phase of it).

But I’ll keep the board in mind :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

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