Confusion over ESP32 bootloader file

The ESP32 flash command, as executed by the Arduino IDE, seems to flash two bootloader files: one at offset 0xe000 and another at offset 0x1000. I wonder what these two bootloader files actually do, and why there are two of them. Below I give some more context.

1. Arduino IDE flash procedure for ESP32 projects

After building the .elf file, the Arduino IDE launches a command to convert it into a binary:

python --chip esp32 elf2image
                  --flash_mode dio
                  --flash_freq 80m
                  --flash_size 4MB
                  -o /tmp/arduino_build_852524/WiFiScan.ino.bin

Finally, this WiFiScan.ino.bin file is flashed to the board, alongside two bootloader files and the partitions table:

python --chip esp32
                  --port /dev/ttyUSB0
                  --baud 921600
                  --before default_reset
                  --after hard_reset write_flash
                  --flash_mode dio
                  --flash_freq 80m
                  --flash_size detect
                  0xe000  ~/.arduino15/packages/esp32/hardware/esp32/1.0.6/tools/partitions/boot_app0.bin
                  0x1000  ~/.arduino15/packages/esp32/hardware/esp32/1.0.6/tools/sdk/bin/bootloader_dio_80m.bin
                  0x10000 /tmp/arduino_build_852524/WiFiScan.ino.bin
                  0x8000  /tmp/arduino_build_852524/WiFiScan.ino.partitions.bin

The default partitions table, as used by Arduino IDE, looks like this (in csv format):

# Name,   Type, SubType, Offset,  Size, Flags
nvs,      data, nvs,     0x9000,  0x5000,
otadata,  data, ota,     0xe000,  0x2000,
app0,     app,  ota_0,   0x10000, 0x140000,
app1,     app,  ota_1,   0x150000,0x140000,
spiffs,   data, spiffs,  0x290000,0x170000,

The two bootloader files being flashed are:

# flashed at 0xe000


# flashed at 0x1000

I wonder what these two bootloader files are actually doing. It’s also interesting to observe their locations. The first one, boot_app0.bin is located in a folder named 'partitions'. It sits there alongside several partition .csv files. Why?

The other one, bootloader_dio_80m.bin is located in a folder named 'sdk/bin/' and sits alongside other files that all start their name with the 'bootloader_' prefix: