Export MPlab project to Embeetle

I want to export my project from MPlab application, where I am using Harmony v3 from Microchip.
I don’t know how can I export the project to your program Embeetle. I really want to use it, therefore I ask you to put some content to your website now. I was on meetening with you on Embedded world 2020 in Germany and talking about implementation your program in my school project for programing education.
I’m looking forward to your response. I’ll be glad we meet again.

Hi @MirdaMem,
Nice to meet you and welcome at Embeetle   :beetle_face:

Sure, we will support Microchip at some point and build an importer for Microhip Harmony projects.
The problem at this point is time. We’re currently working on support for Nordic, GigaDevice and Maxim Integrated microcontrollers. So I’m afraid that it will take a bit of time before we can put our hands on Microchip.

That being said, perhaps you can send us a sample project (preferably with a makefile)? It could be a sample project to make an LED blink on a Microchip development board.

We’ve been looking through our business cards but couldn’t find you in the contacts from EW2020. Perhaps that’s because “MirdaMem” is a nickname. What is your full name? We should certainly keep contact :beetle_face:

Kind greetings,