Help to install Embeetle on Linux(Ubuntu)

Hi ,
I downloaded Embeetle today . I ran the script embeetle in embeetle/beetle_core .
The IDE opens but doesn’t scale on its own . I tried manually scaling it but the aspect ratio remains the same so the scaling is too small or too big for my laptop screen .
I also cannot push up the embeetle screen for larger scaling so that I can see the options supposed to be at the bottom of the window .

I have attached two images one with 140% scaling and 45% scaling to illustrate the problem .

This problem is only with the two windows shown above . I changed the scaling to 100% . The actual project window is scalable .

Hi @kissal,

Thank you for the feedback and welcome to Embeetle.

I think adding scrollbars to the windows you pointed out when they get wider or higher than the screen would fix the problem, right?


Yes,that would do it . You can scale it horizontally by manually using mouse , scaling vertically is a problem . Maybe , add a maximize,minimize button in the top right for future use .

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