I am trying to do some edu project based on embeetle IDE

embeetle IDE is really great work. Sevel month ago, I found it but it not work that time, today, I retry, it work!

I am in China, so download speed a little slow but it seems succeessed. I will do some project based on GD32 MCU.

thanks a lot, I have spend a lot time to find a free IDE for edu&security use.

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Hi @seacer ,
Thank you for your kind words, and welcome to Embeetle :smiley:

Hi @seacer ,
We are trying to evaluate how slow our website is in China. Did you only experience a problem when downloading Embeetle? How does our website perform when you browse the pages?

Kind regards,

Just curious: where are you located in China? We just ran a test, and the speed of our website in China varies a lot depending on the precise location …

We are happy that you will use Embeetle for EDU. We have a lot of interest in Embeetle from universities and schools.

At what university are you working? Does security use have specific requirements for an IDE? If there are any missing features in Embeetle for your use, please let us know. We are very interested to understand how Embeetle is used.