Is there ESP32 support

Iám currently using the U Pycraft ide micro python, can I make the switch to embeetle.
Does it support the ESP32?

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Hello Ivo and welcome to the Embeetle forum.

Sorry for the reply delay.
Currently we do not support any ESP32 microcontrollers, sorry, but it is on our to-do list to add support for them. Can you tell me which ESP32 microcontroller specifically you are interested in?
Also, could you say for what purpose you are using this project for?

Embeetle’s business model is to create partnerships with microcontroller vendors. We are talking to Espressif about adding ESP support in Embeetle, but we don’t have an agreement yet. Your interest in ESP32 support in Embeetle will certainly help us in negotiations with Espressif, so thank you for contacting us on the forum.

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