Microchip support

Hi All,
I discovered Embeetle only yesterday, and am really impressed by it. In fact, I seriously consider making it my main IDE as soon as there is support for some of the MCUs which I normally use - PIC32MX and PIC32MZ EF.

Is there any chance for that happening soon?

Thank you

On a separate topic, scanning through the website, I also came across planned support for Atmosic, which is really exciting, especially if it includes the new ATM33 series.


Hi @diilk ,
Welcome to Embeetle IDE.

As for the Microchip PIC integration into Embeetle IDE: we would like to work on that. However, we’ll need a little support from Microchip. Their compiler - also the free version - cannot be distributed from our server at the moment. Let’s discuss more through e-mail.