Source Analyzer engine blocked

Hi All,

Its been a while since I used Embeetle and now I tried to use it on my Windows laptop. For some reason when I open a project, like arduino blinky (downloaded from embeetle cloud), it opens the project and after a small while a notification appears:

Plus it says in Diagnostics:

Version info:’


In closer inspection the file is in assembly for some reason…
Any idea why this “block” happens? On my Fedora I don’t have this problem, but not sure if I have used the same tools.


Hi Niko,
We do indeed have a few issues with the current SA (Source Analyzer / Code Parser). My colleague Johan is refactoring it and we’ll bring out a new version of Embeetle soon.

Does the project build? Can you right click on symbols in c-code and see the symbol info? If yes, I think you can ignore the message for now.

Kind regards,