Welcome to the Embeetle forum

This is a forum for everyone who is interested in Embeetle, the IDE for embedded software that is different. It is also a forum to discuss embedded IDE design and embedded software development in general.

The Embeetle IDE was developed from scratch with embedded software development in mind. It is not based on Eclipse or any other existing IDE framework. Visit our website to find out more.

Embeetle aims to be welcoming to beginners while still providing access to all options for experts. The configuration files for the underlying open source tools, such as make, gcc and OpenOCD are considered part of a project’s source code and can be freely edited. For beginners, working configuration files are available for all supported hardware.

To develop an IDE like Embeetle, the help of a community is essential. Our users support each other, give us new ideas and tell us where we go wrong.

Forum topics include:

  • Help with using Embeetle
  • Bug reports
  • Suggestions for improvements and new features
  • Help with getting started with embedded software development in general
  • Discussions about probe designs and embedded hardware
  • Discussions about the design of embedded IDE’s in general and Embeetle specifically

Welcome to this forum.