[Board Support Request] Franzininho boards support


I would like to suggest that Embeetle IDE adds support for the Frazininho project boards.

The Frazininho project is about helping children and teenagers to enter the embedded development world, from my perspective it makes total sense to have these boards in the Embeetle IDE.

If you need any help regarding that please feel free to contact me about any details needed.

Frazininho website: https://franzininho.com.br/
Project description in English: Welcome to Franzinho project documentation | Franzininho

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Hello @fiaj

Welcome to the forum and thank you for the request. Seems like a great project :+1:
Me and my colleagues will look at the documentation and discuss the possibilities.

The project seems to have lots of boards available, could you say which ones would be the best to start with? Ideally it would be a project we could build using only make and a gcc compiler.
Also, where is it possible to order the boards from?


Hi @matkuki,

I’m glad that you liked it. I’ll contact the creators of the project so I can give you the best answer to your questions.


Hi @matkuki,

Regarding your questions:

Q:which ones would be the best to start with?
A:It’ll be the Frazininho wifi. This one uses ESP32-S2.

Q:where is it possible to order the boards from?
A: Unfortunately the project can only send boards inside Brazil, but since the project is also open hardware it’s possible to obtain the schematics and Gerber files to produce the board by yourself.

About using make and GCC isn’t a problem. I think the hardest part is the support for Espressif, I found some discussions regarding that in the forum: Is there ESP32 support.

Also if you need some specific documentation in English let me know, I’ll be working on the documentation translation to English.

In case of more questions let me know.

Best regards,

Hi @fiaj ,
The ESP32 is on our TODO-List, but it’s hard to predict when we can start their integration. Apologies for that.

However, I’d like to make a suggestion if I may. I think this board can be a valuable resource for the Frazininho project:

It’s our first in an upcoming series of “Beetle Boards”. Convenient development boards that are designed in the same spirit as Embeetle - minimalistic, not too many bells and whistles, easy to use, convenient and above all: well-documented :slight_smile:.

The first production batch of these boards is going to be ready in a month. If you’d like to order some, please let us know.